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Alex Kotsos 
Enabling Real Humans 

Performance and Change Consultant


Hi, I'm Alex, and I want to see individuals, teams and organisations thrive at work.

My role is to work with you and find our what your organisation needs to get to the next level of success. I'll partner with you to enable you to create an environment where your teams enjoy the work they do and can grow, develop and deliver their best work.

What Can I Do For You?

I work with individuals, teams and organisations to deliver learning and growth interventions that result in lasting positive behavioural change

Power Skills

Power Skills are the human skills needed in every workplace. These include things like empathy, listening, giving and receiving feedback, having constructive conversations, understanding and managing conflict, time management. All too often a technically brilliant person or team underperforms due to a lack of Power Skills. These really are the skills that take someone from good to great!

People Centred Change Management

Change is inevitable. How an organisation manages change can be critical to lasting success. I can help you manage change using a people centered approach, ensuring that individuals and teams understand and adapt to the changes needed in your organsiation

High Performing Teams

You want your teams to trust each other, work well together, feel connected and deliver results. I can help you achieve positive team dynamics through the use of positive psychology, team facilitation and coaching


Trusted professional to individuals, teams, and organisations, from local start-ups to large multinationals

Massive asset

“I worked closely with Alex and found her a massive asset to me in my role. Her support, guidance and knowledge was essential to allow me to to do my own job effectively. Alex showed me a side of HR that I did not know existed. Her belief in the staff, their welfare and their development was unrivalled, whilst at the same time the utmost professional.״ 

John B.

SVP Technology

Brilliant facilitation

“I had the pleasure of working with Alex to introduce Strengthscope to my team of approx. 30 people. She did an amazing job during preparation, execution and follow-up. Everyone in the team learned a huge amount about themselves and others through brilliant facilitation and coaching.״ 

Noreen O.

Consulting and Support Director

Strategic HR planning

"Alex has a unique talent for strategic HR planning in scaling companies. Her ability to anticipate HR challenges, align HR strategies with business objectives, and lead HR teams to excellence is second to none. If you're looking to scale successfully while maintaining a strong people-centric culture, Alex is the person to turn to."

Eric B.

Head of HR

Let's Take Your People to the Next Level

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