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Enabling change for individuals, teams and organisations

Alex Kotsos HR Consultant

Every organisation is different and sometimes you may not know exactly what you need when it comes to enabling high performance and positive behaviour change.


Listed below are some examples of what you may need, but most often it's during an initial discovery call that your real needs can be identified. If you don't see what you're looking for below, contact me and we can talk it through.

Learning and growth programmes

Using work based positive psychology I help individuals understand their strengths and development areas and how this impacts them at work. ​

Sessions can be for individuals, leaders, or teams, who want to achieve growth and self development.

Sessions for individuals are run remotely for a minimum of 90 minutes. Sessions for teams can be remote or in-person and are held over 3 hour sessions (depending on the overall need).

High Performance Team 

This programme is aimed at any team who want to excel.

The programme starts with self-awareness and self-discovery before moving into team growth.

The programme will result in a team who trust, are aligned in purpose and vision, understand and respect each other, know how to achieve the best results from each other and deliver at the highest level professionally.

This is a minimum of a 2 day programme delivered in-person.

Power Skills 

Power skills (also known as soft skills, people skills, interpersonal skills, social skills and transferable skills) programmes are available as customised training tailored to meet your specific needs.


Power skills training will enable staff to unlock the power of connection, achieve balance through effective time management, enhance emotional intelligence, and learn conflict resolution techniques.

Modules include: communication, active listening, empathy, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, assertiveness, collaboration, teamwork, problem solving, decision making, resilience, time management, stress management, adaptability, creativity, networking, negotiation, leadership 

​Each module is 3 hours and run remotely.

Team Enablement

Team learning can be an effective way to continue the journey of a high performing team.​

Team enablement sessions can be designed for your organisation depending on your needs.


Favourite topics include: Leadership Development Workshops, 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshops, Change Management Workshops, Wellness and Resilience Workshops, Performance Management Workshops, 

Remote Team Effectiveness Workshops, Conflict Resolution and Mediation Workshops, Career Development and Coaching Workshops

Team Building Retreats

​Team-building retreats are for organisations looking to strengthen relationships and improve collaboration among team members.


These retreats include outdoor activities, team challenges, and facilitated discussions on teamwork and goal alignment.

Facilitator & Event speaker

  • Facilitating important and/or challenging meetings and group sessions

  • Acting as speaker for L&D or HR-related events

  • Acting as panel member for L&D or HR-related events


Integrity is one of my key personal values and I aim to offer programmes and support that offer value and expertise, delivered professionally.


After an initial consultation I'll draw up a proposal for your business. I'll work with you to ensure you can get the best return on your investment in your people.

No plans availableOnce there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here.
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