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Hi! I'm Alex Kotsos!

I've worked in the field of HR and Learning and Development for over 2 decades.


My passion at work has always been the people. I want to see people enjoy what they do, have opportunities to grow and thrive, and work in cultures and environments that are human and positive and inclusive.

My relationships with my teams, my peers, my colleagues, and my clients have always been hugely important to me. I have developed long lasting friendships with many of the managers and leaders I have worked with over the years and look forward to building many more in the years to come.

Over the last 25 years I have worked directly for small firms (60 people) as well as large multinationals (20,000+ staff).

I've worked across a number of industries; tech, pharma, telcos, animation, and publicly funded state organisations.

I've supported teams and organisations across Europe, North America and Asia. I've worked as an employee, a contractor and a freelance consultant enabling me to understand both sides of the employer/employee dynamic.

Aside from my background and experience, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I love helping people discover their strengths and achieve more in their lives. 

I've been working with a tool called Strengthscope since 2010. It's a profiler that helps people identify what motivates them and gives them energy. It's also a tool that has had, and continues to have, one of the most significant impacts on my own career. If ever I'm feeling stuck on a project I actively think about my strengths and how I can use these to overcome any challenges.

Supporting individuals and teams to identify and make the most of their strengths is my passion. All the work I do has a foundation in strengths and it has enabled me to really make a positive difference in people's lives at work.

I know that people performing at their best is the difference between a good organisation and a great one. I welcome every opportunity to support individuals, teams and organisations to grow and develop and create positive lasting behavioural change.

Massive asset

“I worked closely with Alex and found her a massive asset to me in my role. Her support, guidance and knowledge was essential to allow me to to do my own job effectively. Alex showed me a side of HR that I did not know existed. Her belief in the staff, their welfare and their development was unrivalled, whilst at the same time the utmost professional.”

John B.

SVP Technology

Let’s Start Working Together!

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